Full Service Private Money Lender

We provide loans of all sizes for multifamily & commercial real estate industries.

Our loan programs are competitively priced with loan amounts up to HK$10,000,000. Flexible prepayment schedules and ...

Extensive Experience in Mortgage Origination

We are direct private money loans lenders providing innovative solutions. Our professional team with vast expereince in commercial real estate investments is here to help you at every step.

Our knowledge and expertise make sure your every real estate transaction is a winning hard money deal.

Commercial Loans When You Need Them...

We are the leader in Traditional & Non-traditional commercial loans, offering solutions for income-producing real estate nationwide.

Our professional approach increases the chances that the real estate purchase or refinance process will be completed in a smooth, efficient manner.

Private Money Loans Lending Specialists

Incorporated in March 2012, we are registered as Money Lender (Money Lender License number: 1086/2016)
under the Hong Kong Money Lender Ordinance on August 2012. Read More...

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Financing Programs We Deal In

  • Purchase Order Loan
    Purchase Order Loan
    for suppliers and resellers to government agencies ...
  • Inventory Loan
    Inventory Loan
    short-term loans designed to assist small business owners.
  • Account Receivable Loan
    Account Receivable Loan
    ideal solution for your company's short-term cash flow needs.
  • Bridge Loan
    Bridge Loan
    can be used to supplement other sources of funding.
  • Equipment Financing
    Equipment Financing
    flexible loan terms with competitive interest rates.
  • Audit & Accounting Fee Loan
    Audit & Accounting Fee Loan
    enables small businesses to settle their accounting bills in full.